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Blockbuster of the year Top Gun: Maverick makes it to streaming, but not in the way we’d like


There are still four months left, but Top Shooter: Maverick will be the movie of 2022. It received good reviews and, above all, It grossed $1.2 billion at the box a speed faster than the Titanic itself.

Gone are the antics that theaters are dead, simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases, and free movie premieres. It’s time to wait and pay like it always did. Whether or not you have a subscription.

Top Gun: Maverick is out today on select streaming platforms, but none of them are free. It also cannot be rented. Or at least we didn’t find a rental option. If you want, you must buy it digitally. Two months left before the physical format.


New trailer for Top Gun: Maverick, the return of the 80s classic with Tom Cruise

We’ve searched the main platforms that offer movies for rental and digital sale, and it’s only available on a few of them.

It is currently not available on Apple TV+ or Movistar+ Plus. Yes, we found it on Prime Video, Google Play, and the Windows Store..

price €11.99 for the SD version, €13.99 for the HD version and €13.99 for the UHD 4K version.. None of the mentioned shops offers the opportunity to rent it.

If you prefer the physical format, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray versionsthe latter is far superior in image and sound to streaming, they won’t arrive until October. Pretty annoying discrimination.

And when can we see Top Gun: Maverick for free? At the moment we have no idea. It would be logical to release it on Paramount+, but this platform is not yet available in Spain, although it intends to appear here before the end of the year.

If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a review of Top Gun: Maverick on

Tom Cruise is already pulling strings to film Top Gun 3.

Source: Computer Hoy

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