Ak Bars Bank and ChekScan, a service for scanning checks and receiving refunds for purchases in regular stores and online, have issued a virtual debit card from the Mir payment system. The technological partner was the Apibank platform.

Ak Bars Bank and ChekScan issued a virtual card with reimbursement for purchases

ChekScan users can issue a card by going through a simple identification process: confirming their mobile phone number and providing passport details. After that, the card is independently linked to the account in the service and is used to instantly withdraw the accumulated cashback.

It is also possible to connect to the Mir Pay system (application for OC Android) and use contactless payment when making purchases. The issuance and maintenance of the card is free.

“Ak Bars Bank is actively developing an ecosystem of services based on open API technology. The continuation of the partner line was a virtual card developed in conjunction with the ChekScan service. Thanks to him, customers of the service will receive new financial opportunities: they will be able to save on purchases, participate in promotions and receive rebates”.– Denis Lakomov, Director of Development of Association Projects of the Retail Business of Ak Bars Bank, points out.

“The launch of our own card together with Apibank and Ak Bars Bank is an important step in the development of our service. Now users will be able to instantly receive the accumulated refund on the ChekScan card and use it at their own discretion. The plans include the development and improvement of the card’s capabilities: expand the list of categories with higher cashback, add installments and other services”— says the CEO of ChekScan, Artem Ostapenko.

“Integrated financial products allow companies to expand their interaction with users and offer them more opportunities. Our platform provides not only access to banking infrastructure, but also the highest level of information security when transferring personal and payment data, as well as full compliance of all operations with the requirements of the regulator.”— says Alexey Petrov, co-founder and CEO of the digital banking platform Apibank.

Additionally, cardholders receive increased cashback on entire product categories, eg dairy, regardless of which stores they are purchased from, which will be constantly updated and advertised on the app.

Additionally, ChekScan cardholders have increased rewards for online purchases.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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