After The Pirate Bay, providers now also need to block 1337x, LimeTorrents, YTS, Kickasstorrents and EZTV bittorrent sites. This blockade follows a judge’s decision following a lawsuit filed by the Brein foundation.

The foundation announced in a press release that it was enforcing the blockade following a lawsuit against Delta Fiber. Other providers also started to block after this decision. Not just for sites, but also for some proxy and mirror sites that provide access to bittorrent sites via a detour.

In its press release, the Brein foundation compares the blockade to that of The Pirate Bay, which was blocked after a lengthy legal procedure: “The sites are comparable in content and function to The Pirate Bay, which was already blocked, after which visits increased by more than 95%”.

Pirate Bay remains accessible despite the blockade.

big grain of salt

95 percent seems like a huge success for the anti-piracy foundation. However, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. Sure, visitors will come back to a blocked site, but such a blocked site can be easily reached through a VPN connection or (not yet blocked) proxy or mirror site. Also, these figures are not measurable and therefore do not fall below the stated percentage.

It is also doubtful whether such a blog is really useful. It opens new cat-and-mouse games from various proxy sites and alternatives and should then be blocked again. Sites can still be visited over a VPN connection.

good luck needed

The Brain Foundation, which has been funded by several companies including Sony, Warner Bros. and Netflix, seems to have refocused on success. Previously, the foundation tried to catch users by collecting IP addresses from torrent users and writing them to them. Providers that had name and address details on the back of their IP addresses were less than keen to deliver them to the foundation in this way. The court also ruled that providers were not allowed to do so.

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