S7 Airlines crews were allowed to wear beards, get tattoos, and dye their hair a bright color. If style doesn’t stop a person from doing their job, then there’s no point in maintaining outdated traditions, the airline explained.

S7 Airlines crews were allowed to wear beards and tattoos

The news is reported on the telegram channel of S7 Airlines. Therefore, cabin crew and flight crew can now have tattoos on exposed parts of the body, wear a beard, make unusual hairstyles, and dye their hair a bright color.

“If an individual style does not prevent a person from doing their job 100% and ensuring safety on board, we see no reason to carefully keep outdated traditions in order,” the company noted.

Also, heels for stewardesses are no longer a mandatory attribute: they can wear flat shoes, ballerinas or loafers.

For safety, the recommendation of absence of piercings in open parts of the body and long nails is maintained, S7 Airlines specified. Tattoos should not have an offensive meaning, they added there.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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