The Russian chain of Japanese restaurants “Tanuki” will open the first outlet in Tashkent. The founder Alexander Orlov invested about 100 million rubles in the launch of the institution.

Russian network “Tanuki” will open a restaurant in Uzbekistan

The amount includes interior design and renovations, kitchen equipment purchases, rent, staff salaries and first-time groceries, Forbes reported.

To develop the restaurant business in the Republic, Orlov attracted several partners whose names are not disclosed in the company.

“Tanuki” will function in Uzbekistan as a “quality mid-segment” restaurant. The main competitive advantage of the establishment in the network is a wide range of dishes.

In 2021, the businessman opened a non-TOKU pan-Asian restaurant in Uzbekistan. In the future, he plans to launch three or four more establishments.

In July, Alexander Orlov, co-owner of the Japanese restaurant chain Tanuki and owner of the Bulldozer Group restaurant holding company, decided to sell all or part of the holding company to businessmen from the United Arab Emirates. The names of the buyers and the cost of the transaction are still unknown.

In April, the Tanuki network demanded 158,000 rubles from the “State of Men” (an extremist movement banned in the Russian Federation) for online harassment.

Tanuki planned to recover the damages caused by the bullying as of October 2021. The “Male State” has declared “war” on Tanuki over ads showing black models and a rainbow flag that resembles a flag. LGBT.

Sushi restaurant Yobidoyobi has also been harassed by such advertising.


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