The video was interpreted by a biologist, zoologist, botanist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor of the Moscow State University Medical Department, candidate of science Evgeny Abizov. According to him, two-headedness is one of the options for the fusion of Siamese twins. This occurs not only in humans, but also in animals. This may be the result of irradiation, mutagenic factors – either during fertilization or during egg formation.

Also in Moscow there are other anomalies in birds: baldness, multi-toed.

“One of the options for the fusion of Siamese twins is two-headedness, it exists not only in humans, but also in nature. However, this phenomenon is quite rare. Such individuals usually do not live in a sexually mature state. As for the working of the heads, one may work fully and the other may work poorly while having adequate blood flow. Either both heads work normally, like twins joined together,” the expert commented on the video.

Source: Ferra

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