NZXT has released the ‘All Might’ version of the H510i chassis. The enclosure is entirely in the theme of the All Might character from the My Hero Academia anime series.

The H510i All Might features All Might colors inside and out, with some graphics and logos of the anime hero. A so-called ‘lure’ and magnetic ‘pak’ are also included for sticking to the enclosure. The disc is strong enough to hold the headphones.

The cabinet is also the same as the regular H510i, featuring a glass side panel, two RGB strips, cable guide, and a built-in GPU bracket (for horizontal or vertical installation). Fans of My Hero Academia need to dig deep into their pockets for this All Might version: At €250, the enclosure is much more expensive than the standard H510i, which retails for around €100.

NZXT releases themed cases more frequently as part of their CRFT series. There’s a Cyberpunk version of the H710i, a Rainbow Six Siege version of the H510, and a PUBG version of the H700. The H510i All Might can be ordered on the NZXT website.

Source: NZXT

Source: Hardware Info

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