The Ministry of Industry and Commerce presented proposals to support industrial clusters that work to replace the import of technologically sophisticated products. Among them are the reduction to zero of the income tax, the reduction to half of the rate of insurance premiums and preferential loans.

Ministry of Industry and Commerce proposed to cancel income tax and reduce insurance premiums for import substitution projects

The agency prepared a list of measures after the President of the Russian Federation announced new conditions for the operation of industrial clusters during the SPIEF. The Vedomosti newspaper refers to a copy of the document from the Ministry of Industry and Trade with a list of measures dated August 22.

How import substitution projects will be supported:

  • It is proposed to abolish the tax rate on profits from the implementation of the import substitution project and to reduce employee insurance premiums for seven years – twice, to 7.6%.
  • The department plans to guarantee the purchase of imported products using the SPIC mechanism. The long-term acquisition of industrial products will be guaranteed on its platform.
  • Buyers are expected to be reimbursed up to 50% of the purchase cost of pilot batches of products from industry groups.
  • It is proposed to introduce a moratorium on tax audits for one year, and then within 2-3 years from the start of work, transfer them to the tax control regime. It is also planned to cancel scheduled, camera and field customs controls: the Federal Customs Service will be able to carry out an experimental remote control of information from merchandise accounting systems.
  • A concessional loan mechanism for manufacturing enterprises is being developed. Loans for projects for the production of critical products will be issued at a rate of 90% of the “key”, the rest of the interest will be subsidized by the authorities to the banks. Loan term – no more than 10 years.


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Source: RB

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