Four people Raid the Apple store This Monday (29), before business hours, at The Woodlands mall in Montgomery County, Texas. thieves Nearly 500 brands bought products.

Local police said in a statement that they were searched around 8am. The list of stolen items includes over 200 Apple Watches, over 50 pairs of Airpods, and over 220 iPhones.

During the investigation, officers concluded that the four people wore hoods that covered their heads and faces when entering the Apple Store. They left the mall in a gray four-door car. The image of the vehicle was published by the institution requesting information about the theft.

While the store opened at 10:00 in the morning, Apple employees who came to the store before working hours noticed the robbery. Analyzing time, police believe the crime took place in the early hours of the morning.

Even after the robbery, the Apple Store continued to operate normally with customer service. It is one of the company’s 17 stores in the state of Texas.

Apple will track stolen items

The thieves will not be able to make the expected profit even though they have bought most of the brand’s products. This is because Apple keeps track of the serial numbers of all equipment shipped to stores.

Thus, the company can detect all stolen watches, headphones and mobile phones. Apple then marks them as such, reducing their resale value.

Source: Tec Mundo

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