X5 Retail Group, which runs the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Chizhik retail chains, has appointed Andrey Kalmykov as CEO of Perekrestok, who previously headed low-cost airline Pobeda. This is indicated in the X5 message.

Former CEO of Pobeda led Perekrestok

Kalmykov has been running large companies for more than 25 years. Before becoming CEO of Pobeda Airlines, Kalmykov served as the first deputy CEO of Aeroflot, worked at the Russian Ministry of Transport, and ran the Sunrise tour company.

Kalmykov himself, commenting on the appointment, said that “it will make Perekrestok the most efficient supermarket chain with a unique assortment and high-quality products.”

Pobeda worked without a CEO from March to August 2022. The low-cost airline’s former boss, Andrey Kalmykov, left the company with the words that “the Pobeda team has become strong enough to be able to fly alone.”

In August, the low-cost airline was headed by Dmitry Tyshchuk, first deputy director of Aurora Airlines.


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Source: RB

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