Kobo has announced the Clara 2E. A waterproof e-reader with audiobook support and lots of green marketing.

The e-reader looks a bit advanced. An e-ink display with e-readers equipped with color seems to be part of the future. Today’s readers already have everything they need: a nice size and reading screen, and plenty of options for grabbing your ebooks. Innovations have allowed e-readers to make a splash and last a very long time with a charged battery.

It makes innovation difficult for Kobo, which wants to continue serving the market with new e-reader models. So does this newly announced Kobo Clara 2E.

audio books

Last year, Kobo also introduced e-readers that it tried to innovate with audiobook support: Kobo Libra 2 and Kobo Sage. This sounds very clever, but Kobo made the mistake of only offering support for its own (audio)book service and bypassing the audio link. This makes you dependent on the battery life of Bluetooth headphones.

Easy enhancements for Kobo Clara 2E. If only Kobo hadn’t missed the same mark with audiobooks: just listen to Kobo’s audiobook service and only with your bluetooth headphones.

Kobo Clara 2E, e-reader, e-book, audiobook

Audiobooks for an e-reader have potential.

sustainable innovation

The Kobo Clara 2E is waterproof and has a 6-inch HD touchscreen, you can also use it in the evening thanks to night light and blue light reduction. It also has 16GB of storage memory.

Great features you’ll find in previous models as well. It is mainly the marketing department that promotes the product and brand in a green way. First of all, the brand that makes CO2 compensation. But whether this has any effect remains to be seen. The device is also made of recycled plastic… This only happens in China, where environmental regulations aren’t particularly strict. Unfortunately, Kobo’s sustainable story is still somewhat limited by green intentions.

The Kobo Clara 2E is currently on sale with a suggested retail price of €149.

Source: Computer Totaal

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