The European Commission has published a review that requires smartphone manufacturers to release repair parts for five years and detect signs of battery deterioration.

Batteries, screens, back covers and SIM card trays must be delivered to service centers within 5 years after the device goes on sale.

Thus, the maintainability of gadgets is increased by law and the amount of electronic waste is reduced.

If a manufacturer does not produce batteries within five years, they produce the effects of improved batteries and conduct a series of tests. It should also be noted that the battery health improves by 80% after 1000 charge cycles. There will also be a release of firmware updates that carry negative properties.

There are no requirements for smartphones with flexible screens and rugged phones that are designed to operate in extreme conditions.

In addition, the review will introduce a new energy efficiency label for smartphones and tablets. It will have probable battery life, detection of device protection from water and detection of identified violations to accidental drops. [The Verge]

Source: Iphones RU

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