Google has made changes to the Developer Program Policy. One of the most striking changes, Third-party apps fail to record voice calls from May 11, 2022when the rules come into effect.

The standard applies to all Android apps available in the Play Store and states: Apps that exclusively serve this function will no longer be allowed.

To make the policy enforceable, the company added a snippet about accessibility APIs to the document for programmers. Many developers use these APIs to program functions in apps for people with some type of disability to “overcome” the limitations of the Google architecture.

“The Accessibility API was not designed and cannot be requested for audio recording of remote calls” reads the new piece of text on the subject.

It’s important to remember that some Android devices have native software that allows recording, even if it’s prohibited. This is the case with some Xiaomi models, for example.

Ban reason

Google has not officially spoken about this particular change. Nevertheless, ArsTeknik listed some possible answers to the topic.

The site reminds you that in the constitution of some countries, recording of a phone call is only allowed when all people expressly agree. In these countries, registration is considered valid only if it has passed in a process, for example, the consent of the persons concerned.

game store

Besides a possible escape from legal trouble, Google may be making life easier for its own app. Google Recorder (Recorder in Brazil) remains available as normal and will not be affected by the decision.

Although it is available, Brazilian users may find it difficult to use the software. The recorder can only be downloaded by smartphones from the Pixel line that have not officially arrived here.

Source: Tec Mundo

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