The voting results for the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power scripted premiere are currently awaiting evaluation, as its scores and the ratings on various platforms are actively revised regularly. It is not known how much Amazon has invested in lobbying for their children, but it is already clear that the $ 465 million spent on filming the first season is unlikely to pay off. Alas, the creators of the message drove themselves into a trap.

The most expensive series in history, according to the data, is due to release on the Prime Video streaming platform for premium subscribers in the form of two episodes at once. However, for unknown reasons, it poured out that the poison of the users was not Eva.

Amazon fans believe that everything is the fault of a technical problem: they say, users meet at the same time and watch the premiere, so the server cannot withstand the load. However, the tech giant in the online-sl offer, which is Amazon, is more than an unfortunate hostility. appearing in front of the creators caused the exorbitant challenge of surpassing Peter Jackson’s acclaimed trilogy, but there are suspicions focusing on publicity instead. And because of that, I didn’t want to see those moments, so I took advantage of it at the start.

Source: Tech Cult

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