More beautiful and extraordinary sound than AirPods Pro for only 75 euros

If you’re looking for great sound and futuristic aesthetics, you’ll love these headphones.

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Apple has known for years how to reach the heart and the eye equally. But it turned out a tough competitor in the wireless headphone segment. It is none other than the little-known Ever, recently presented, with its ear (1) that our colleagues from Andro4all can analyze. we saw them today 99 74.99 on Amazon, a 25 euro discount.

They have nothing to be jealous of the AirPods Pro when it comes to sound, but they’re clearly a step ahead in design. Have two models black and whiteand in both cases they have a transparent area that reveals some of its interior. Just like your last smartphone (Nothing Phone (1)), transparent design It is the hallmark of the Chinese manufacturer. Its price on the official website is 99 euros today, so discount is important.

nothing ear (1)

Buy a great alternative to AirPods Pro

nothing ear (1) black

This Nothing ear (1) has a breakthrough design and brutal sound

One of the earphones of the moment, even if you haven’t heard of it on TV, is the manufacturer’s Nothing ear (1), a design by another great OnePlus. Nothing ear (1), in addition unique design they are on the market outstanding in sound, noise cancellation and usability.

There’s nothing in the ear (1) 11.6mm drivers each has a graphene diaphragm (note that AirPods 3 drivers are 11mm). This data helps us take sounds from a wider range and make them much more natural. They are very light, just each weighs 4.7 grams and the charging case weighs up to 57.4 grams. there is as comfortable as they are alonethanks to the different sizes of silicone pads that come to you and they fit perfectly to every ear.

Both its design and sound are groundbreaking and very attractive.

nothing ear (1) white

The white color design is great and very striking

we have ambient noise cancellation thanks to AI 3 microphones This integrates each earphone. The clarity of voice on calls is brutal, I assure you. Of course, this function causes battery life to decrease. Thanks to the pads we bought main insulationboth in calls and in music.

With this in mind, the battery integrating the Yok ear (1) has a about 34 hours of autonomy next to the charging box (Only 5.7 hours of headphones) and always on for 25 hours with hybrid noise canceling. we have touch controls remove and put this function, also increase/decrease volume, change songs or virtual assistant.

nothing ear (1)

They work with wireless technology Bluetooth 5.2under the A2DP, AVRCP and HFP profiles and a very low latency. they are headphones sweat resistant With IPX4 certification. you can train with them (better out of the water), they will not move from your ears.

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