tik tak wants teenagers to spend less time in front of the screen, and therefore will implement measures will limit app usage to a maximum of 60 minutes per day. This feature will begin rolling out in the coming weeks and will affect users under 18 years of age.

As the popular video app explained, the limit is now one hour per day. it will be activated automatically on the accounts of all users between the ages of 13 and 18.. But it is important to note that this is not an insurmountable barrier. Once young people use up the available minutes for a session, they can enter a code to continue browsing the posts.

TikTok wants teens to actively decide to extend their screen time. However, the 60 minute limit per day can be completely disabled. Although in this case, users will be forced to set a new limit if they exceed 100 minutes of watching the application.

How effective this new TikTok feature can be is still a mystery. However, from the platform they were sure of achieving positive results. “This is based on a tip we implemented last year to encourage teens to turn on screen time management. Our tests showed that it helped increase the usage of our Screen Time tools by 234%. Additionally, we will be sending each teen account a weekly notification with a summary of their screen time.”

TikTok introduces a limit on the daily use of its application

So far, we’ve talked about the changes TikTok will make to the accounts of teenagers aged 13 to 18. However, a similar strategy has been adopted for younger users as well. Those responsible for the application reported that kids under 13 will also see their daily usage time limited to 60 minutes. default. However, they will be able to extend it for another 30 minutes if a parent or responsible adult enters the code to turn it on.

TikTok ensures that the introduction of a limit of up to 60 minutes of daily use is not a whim, but a solution approved by professionals. “While there is no collectively held position on the ‘right’ amount of screen time, or even the impact of screen time in general, we have consulted current academic research and experts from the Digital Health Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital to decide on this limit.” — explained in the company.

Another exciting novelty from TikTok is the incorporation of new features into a feature. Married couple. It provides parental control tools by linking an adult’s account to that of their dependent children or minors. From now on, you can set custom daily time limits; schedule notifications from teen accounts to turn off at a specified time and for a specified period of time, and analyze all the activity information that teens flash in front of the screen.

In the latter case, TikTok will include a panel with details on the total time spent browsing the app. But it will also inform how many times a day they enter the platformand how much time they spend watching videos day and night.

Source: Hiper Textual

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