Sberbank will transfer ATMs to its own national operating system. According to the bank, it will be the first in Russia to stop using imported operating systems in ATMs.

Sberbank transfers ATMs to its own operating system

This was reported in the press service of Sberbank. The bank will complete the transfer of 90% of ATMs to its own operating system by 2023. This year, 100 ATMs will operate with the new system.

The operating system of Sberbank ATMs is based on Linux. Before Sberbank, no one used it for ATMs, the bank said.

The Savings Bank noted that it became the first bank in Russia that refused to use foreign operating systems in ATM service.

80% of Sberbank’s ATM network software has already been transferred to its own domestic developments, Sberbank added.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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