If you are one of those who use the messaging app TelegramI’m sure you’re very happy with it. Its great options and reliability (not forgetting its privacy) make it the perfect tool for both personal and professional use. You may not know that you can hide chats without deleting them. We tell you how to do this.

The point of doing this is to ensure that if a third party is looking behind you or directly at your terminal, the media won’t see what you’re typing from any of the signatures. The thing is, to achieve this, you don’t have to install anything because Telegram gives you everything you need to achieve this, and another difference of this messaging app compared to WhatsApp (of course, always in favor of the old one).

How to hide a chat in Telegram without deleting it

The first thing that comes to mind when hiding something from a chat is, logically, to delete it. But in Telegram you don’t need to do that because there is a little known figure. archiving tool. With this, you can get exactly what you need, you just need to do the following:

  • Open the messaging app and find the conversation you want to hide. Now, click continuously and then you will see in the top area there is a box-shaped icon with an arrow inside. Give it to use. Important: If you don’t see it, use the menu with three vertical dots and select Archive from the displayed options.
  • You’ll see how it disappears like magic, but don’t worry, everything is still perfectly present in the Archived Chats section. Access it using the different Telegram menus… this will allow you to discover that access to the folder is visible.
Archive a conversation in Telegram

Smart Life
  • A message called Hide from chat list appears only in that particular folder and subdomain so that it is not visible. Use it and then you will see there are no traces.
  • You did it, it’s over.

While inside the Archived Chats folder, list What you have here so they don’t see each other or simply so that they no longer bother you or lose an important conversation with someone. If you want this option to be visible again, click on the selected chat and use the option that forwards it to the regular list you see every time you enter Telegram.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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