The Bank of Russia has started discussing the idea of ​​creating a compensation fund for investors who have suffered due to the blocking of assets as a result of Western sanctions. Funds may be offset at the expense of profits from frozen funds of non-residents of Russia.

The Central Bank analyzes the possibility of compensating the losses of investors at the expense of the assets of non-residents

“Now we are discussing the idea, including, perhaps, the creation of a compensation fund, on the basis of the DIA, it is possible that the income from the funds that we, for our part, have frozen, the non-residents – these income it could be offset by the massive investors,” he told the Moscow financial forum (Interfax quote).

Nabiullina pointed out that the Russians who invested in the financial markets have most of their assets frozen.

The head of the Central Bank believes that it is possible to discuss several ways to solve this problem, but the main one is to “restore confidence” to investors.

In the spring of 2022, approximately 5 million Russian private investors faced the blocking of their foreign securities. The total value of frozen assets is estimated at 6 trillion rubles.


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Source: RB

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