Another scandal flares up at the Pentagon around the most expensive reactive material, the F-35. In addition to external sisk, DNA is also technically tested, which is compatible in its sensitivity with “overweight of material”. As indicated, one of the engine components is made in China. In the mouth, the wave of the expected company opens

According to Politico, it is an alloy in a magnet that is part of the engine’s turbopump. According to a Defense Management Agency (DCMA) contract, this alloy “does not meet Federal Military Acquisition (DFARS) requirements.”

The military residents found an excuse for the situation. According to their conviction, the discovery of the details is not capable of causing harm and valuables.

However, not everyone is so optimistic. According to the opinion, this is a frank blunder of the F-35 developer – Lockheed Martin, who grossly violated the American Aircraft Purchase Law, which is why now her long-suffering offspring can become a hostage to the difficult relations between the United States and the United States every day. China.

Source: Tech Cult

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