Developers of Proctorio applications have come under fire after Vice published the results of an independent study of the effectiveness of the program. Proctorio has become very interesting in regards to the height of the pandemic, when a large proportion of students have moved to homeschooling and suspect their integrity in completing assignments. Alas, in Japan, that students present miracles of acumen to cheat the program.

Researchers from the University of Twente in the Netherlands conducted a high probability experiment. A group of 30 students were divided into three parts, the first was given the task of cheating on the exam, the second took themselves suspiciously, the third did the work honestly. The Proctorio application was not found for anyone who signed off, and the human controllers caught only one and a half. It turns out that all these measures for remote learning are useless?

The proctorioball defense says that the placebo effect is at work here – if students know what st is on them, o s. On the other hand, successful consequences will only provoke them. In addition, the idea of ​​permanent remote control of students is itself subject to mass criticism, as it raises questions about confidentiality and personal complicity. space.

Source: Tech Cult

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