The number of cards in circulation in Russia’s neighboring countries increased in April-June 2022 more than a year earlier. At the same time, the peak of card tourism in Russia occurred against the background of the exit of Visa and Mastercard from the market in March, writes RBC.

The demand for cards from CIS banks has increased sharply in Russia after the departure of Visa and Mastercard

In Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus, the annual increase was the highest since at least 2018, according to data from the central banks of these countries.

Double-digit growth rates were recorded in Armenia and Tajikistan.

The issuance of cards is accelerating against the background of the exit from Russia of Visa and Mastercard: the cards of these payment systems, issued by domestic banks, have ceased to work abroad.

The current situation leads to the flourishing of “card tourism” of Russians – not everyone has enough of the national system “Mir” and the Chinese UnionPay, whose cards are expensive and not accepted everywhere.


anastasia mariana

Source: RB

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