SeaTwirl has announced the release of its revolutionary S2 wind turbine next year. Device recorder with Wind power must be at least 1 mV, but this is just the beginning – there is a device in the project company

SeaTwirl has been developing and testing vertical wind turbines since 2012. The main advantage of this design is that the generator itself and all the important components take up space at the waterline level, and not at the mind-boggling height on top of the tower, as in the dimensions with a horizontal volume scheme. This forgives and reduces the cost of their installation dozens of times, at least later, what is needed?

Wind generator SeaTwirl

Another note is that s2 is a floating stem with anchor fasteners, so it can be installed in a gokoyoyoyoyoyoyo Maya. Such windmills do not see the wake, so they can be placed almost close to each other. For the vertical design of the direction of the wind it does not matter; The center of gravity is located just below the water level, so the wind generator is very stable even in storm conditions.

The height of S2 has decreased by 55 m, the underwater balancer is used by another 80 m. The chief’s generator can withstand a wind load of 50 m/s, the operation mode is not optimal – with wind 2. The service life is estimated at 25-30 years, the cost of generated ENERGY BY STANDARD LCoE calculated 5 kazk $10. In theory, the use of such wind turbines will expand the use of external sea elements on obkhchirns. However, in practice, there are big doubts about the possibility of scaling these structures – a wind turbine of 30 MW will exceed in size all the limitations of today’s offshore structures.

Source: Tech Cult

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