In the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max presented on the weight, the screen frame has become narrower and the proportions are longer. Apple mentioned this pair of thrills that didn’t excite the accent at all.

But about “the largest screen in the Apple Watch Ultra, the company trumpets to the left and turns. While the screen is actually bigger in the Ultra than in the Series 8, it’s about as much as they are in the iPhone 14 Pro versus the iPhone 13 Pro.

Made a lot of small size comparisonsto understand how much screen changes are needed, how much island below the bangs from the previous generation and how to draw movies with the new cut.

It turns out that in addition to this, in the iPhone 14 Pro, the angle of inclination is even rounded even more.

About everything in order. FROM bonus in the end.

Corners are further rounded

Watch how the sky in the depths from generation to generation is seen less and less

If you think the iPhone 14 Pro looks the same but looks different, you don’t.

The corners of the smartphone and its screen have increased the radius, now they are less square and more sloping.

With the notch, Face ID required a design that wasn’t exactly smart, because then the usable space for storing batteries and charge could be what happened to the iPhone 12 mini – there the tags are tiny and hard to read.


Apple introduced this two years ago when it showed the iPhone 12 in a new design, and repeated it again.

iPhone X, 11, 11 Pro were protected from frameless, and this is clearly visible when different groups of cases are detected.

more and more often, the round seems more organic and beautiful, a barely noticeable change again benefited.

To the point: An employee of the Apple service in Russia talks about replacing the screen on the iPhone

Screenshot above in iPhone 14 Pro


New drawings have had a good effect on the 6.1-inch smartphone.

Apple has never said this in advertising, but all iPhones of this size (XR, 11, 12 (Pro), 13 (Pro), and 14) are 6.06 inches.

This year, it was in the iPhone 14 Pro that it grew to 6.12 inches.

The screenshot became larger and higher, the same case remained on this smartphone case (71.5 mm), but it turned out to be longer by 0.8mm (147.5mm vs. 146.7mm on the iPhone 13 Pro).

Resolution of 6.1 inch model:

For iPhone 13 Pro 2532 x 1170 pixels

For iPhone 14 Pro 2556 x 1179

The difference is 9 responses in width and 24 responses in development. The increase in display area is 1.7%.

Frames used differently found on iPhone 14 Pro Max. The body has not changed in details, but it has become narrower.

The picture left almost the same width, so the case became narrower due to the thinner frames. 0.5 mm (from 78.1mm on iPhone 13 Pro Max to 77.6mm on iPhone 14 Pro Max).

At the same time, the smartphone is made only on 0.1 mm shorter (160.7 mm in 14 Pro Max), so the screen has grown a bit in height.

These changes are almost imperceptible, so the overall diameter of the iPhone 14 Pro Max has grown from 6.68 inches to 6.69 inches – just 0.01 inch.

Resolution of 6.7 inch model:

iPhone 13 Pro Max 2778 x 1284

iPhone 14 Pro Max 2796 x 1290 pixels

The difference is 6x in width and 18x in attention. The increase in display area is 0.6%.

It turns out that on Apple smartphones, the numbers are not so decent for Apple to copy them.

The notch will interfere even in the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Blue indicates the field on which Face ID now climbs

Even though Apple made the Face ID sensor smaller, the island is wider than any other sensor in 2022. The dimensions raised questions about how much it will now stick out above the content.

If the cutout were higher, then the display strip above the sensors from afar would merge with the frame.


☝️ For applications a reference point with part of the screen, so the notch at the top is almost at the same level as in the iPhone 13 Pro.

But for video center of reference due to foci of infection. The new Face ID hits a lot harder.

The design would not look complete, solid. Then it would be easier to make the bangs smaller than to come up with a voluminous island and write not very soft to it.

Watch the video of the so-called island will interfere with widescreen TV shows, movies and YouTube videos.

Last year, the slightly higher price of the iPhone 13 Pro jumped by a fraction of a millimeter, and the Pro Max didn’t hurt at all.


The new notch is almost always visible, unless the 16:9 content is untouched.

This happens because the video is displayed right in the center, and the usable area on the sides is realized due to the black borders.

But applications should not cause big problems. In portrait orientation, the taller screen minimizes wastage of the empty notch.

Apple Watch Ultra brighter than Series 8

On the presentation and promotional page of the new watch, claims of “the biggest watch screen in the company’s history” sounded and looked impressive.

But Apple does not just divide models by case size (for example, 38 mm, 45 mm, 49 mm). Display diagonals are never mentioned, only the resolution of their screens.

According to the characteristics:

Screen Apple Watch Series 6 (44 mm): 368 x 448 pixels

Apple Watch Series 8 screen (45mm): 396 x 484 feel

Apple Watch Ultra Screenshot (49mm): 410 x 502 feel

This is the difference between the 8th and 14th Ultra landings and the 18th arrival. That’s about 3.5% more on each side, or 6.9% more screen area.


Comparison “from the corner” and Series 6 for scale

So, if you want to run for a new watch, then for this reason you should not rely.

And that’s why the Apple Watch Ultra is still there for ordinary people, and not for professional marathon runners and deep-sea sensations, well developed Nikita Goryainov.

To the point: Who needs an Apple Watch Ultra, or why it’s a symbol of the journey of reality and Apple advertising

Bonus: What an iPhone 14 Pro Would Look Like With Bangs


Apple said it made the sensor block 30% smaller, already in the second-row generation.

If the company had left it bangs, would not have turned into a separate synthetic element of software and hardware, then it is likely that something like this could have formed.

The technical solution is much more convenient for video and does not attract attention, in my opinion.

Would you like this design island with his live animations is very cool?

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