A few days ago, supporters of current president and re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL) began announcing an action to encourage donations for the campaign through Pix. The topic went viral on social media, and many donated, including those who did not support the president, giving the party’s accountants a headache.

The story began when Bolsonar politicians posted the Pix number on their network for those who wanted to contribute. One of the speakers on the subject was Federal Deputy Carla Zambelli (PL).

In a video posted on Twitter, Zambelli denies even making donations of R$1 so the campaign knows how many people will vote for Bolsonaro in the election. Militants announced that Pix will function as a kind of “parallel investigation” on WhatsApp and other platforms.

“Actually, that’s not even why we’re asking for your donation. Because it’s an expensive campaign, we’re asking for donations to help the president’s campaign. And your contribution can make a difference. “I am not saying that the number of pix will be the number of people who will vote because obviously this information will not reach all voters because there are people who will vote for the president and will not contribute,” he explained.

The president’s campaign leaders have even created a website dedicated to announcing donation requests via instant transfer.

The portal also informs the rules set by the Electoral Court, for example, the donation limit of people who can contribute to political campaigns only up to 10% of the gross income earned in the calendar year preceding the election.

Problem with donations

In addition to Bolsonaro’s coreligionists, the issue became the agenda of those who would not vote for reelection. It is not known who reported the situation, but the truth is that opponents of the president have started promoting donations of R$1.

The claim was that the donation amount would create large accounting costs and ultimately make it impossible to give accounts (as required by law).

And in fact, transfers via Pix really brought some problems. Tarcísio Vieira de Carvalho Neto, former minister of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) and Bolsonaro campaign lawyer, agreed. in an interview with Folha de S. Paulo On the first day, he announced that more than 300,000 donations were made, with an average value of R$2.

The challenge is to make each donation separately and create a bureaucracy to fill each one. In addition, the work even generates a cost greater than R$2 averaged for the campaign.

“It was a spontaneous act that emerged on the internet and caused this concern for us. All of this is, of course, legal. But since we had 72 hours to make a partial payment, the accountant was a bit of a nuisance. The volume on the arm was huge,” he admitted.

Vieira said even Banco do Brasil, where Bolsonaro’s campaign’s Pix account is registered, was unable to run the statements for accountants to participate in the creation of the accounts.

Source: Tec Mundo

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