Many users have already managed to update their iPhones to the new iOS 16. We are already checking 75 system changes and 16 options that start first.

Now we can assume non-obvious chips and system parameters that should be reconfigured in the new firmware for convenient use of the iPhone in the future.

1. Turn on the display of battery percentage

This very rare feature has caused a lot of controversy and controversy between the test versions of iOS 16.

Individual features take into account the indicators of the indicator as ugly and unnecessary, its other conclusions, which was expected even with the moments of detection iphone x. In any case, it is recommended to turn this setting on when using Gadget Week.

Unfortunately, the Cupertinians limited the work of this feature, it did not appear in iPhone xp, iphone 11, iphone 12 mini and iphone 13 mini. Most likely, at a low resolution or a small screen size, such an indicator looks ugly. Perhaps the situation will improve in iOS 16.1.

How to setup: ease Settings – Battery and activate observables Charge percentage.

2. Activate wallpaper blur on your home screen.

Some wallpapers are not used in the best way on the desktop of a smartphone; a sufficiently detailed picture can merge with icons or application names.

iOS 16 introduced the ability to blur background images. It looks especially cool if the iPhone appears on the lock screen and desktop. Get beautiful blur animation.

How to setup: transportation Settings – Wallpaper and press the button Tune near the background image of the desktop, at a right angle, increase to activate the blur of the picture.

3. Change arrival style to lock screen.

In the settings of other system options, you can choose one of the three available displays. In addition to the usual tape, you can turn on stacks or minimalistic speed with fast message skipping.

The latest version looks very fresh and won’t clutter up a beautiful wallpaper. When it appears, you can always open the list in full and view all messages.

How to setup: chapter Settings – Notifications and choose the appropriate style.

4. Enable tactile feedback on the keyboard

Many users still collect text on the iPhone, accompanied by wireless computers. It looks extremely unexpected in a public place, in a quiet office or on transport.

Finally, the Cupertians have added tactile feedback when typing in the standard iOS keyboard. This feature has long appeared in external tools.

How to setup: ease Settings – Sounds, tactile signals – Keyboard response. Here turn off the sound that bothers everyone and activate it Tactile signal.

5. Adjust the setting for bad weather

Standard Application Weather on the iPhone, they learned how to display excessive extremeness of conditions for your region simply or suggest about precipitation in the next hour.

This is followed by a proposal to use the geolocation module (Settings – Privacy & Security – Location Services – Weather).

How to setup: in the application Weather appearance to the list of added levels and emergency assistance with highlighted points with the right to highlight restrictions. Select an item Notifications and activate the necessary alarms.

6. Set a timeout for mail

Another useful iOS 16 option allows you to unsend emails within a certain amount of time. So you will get a “folded” true letter.

You can choose a comfortable interval from 10 to 30 seconds.

How to setup: chip is on the way Settings – Mail – Cancel delayed mail.

7. Link your lock screens to profile focus

The new iOS lock screen customization system allows you to set up multiple background images at once and change them automatically.

It is most convenient to link the desired wallpaper to the focusing profile (mode Do not disturb). So you get one wallpaper for the day mode and another for the night.

How to setup: hold, it looks like a lock screen, to enter the download mode, press the button Focusing and link the screen to the profile check. Make arrangements for other lock screens.

8. Turn off outside call termination

Sports fans through a headset or speakerphone are advised to enable this new iOS feature. It disables the ability to reset the sidebar call by disabling the gadget lock.

Now you can not turn the smartphone down so that it is blocked for the duration of the conversation.

How to setup: the chip is in the section Settings – Accessibility – Touch – End call restriction.

Such a set of minor changes and options is recommended to be reconfigured on the iPhone immediately after the system update.

Source: Iphones RU

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