It would seem, what do smartphone manufacturers have to do with at least announcing new high-end phones at the end of 2022? Not long ago, Xiaomi 13 became official in China. And today, for what seems oneplus He has the idea to do the same with his own model before this year ends.

The Asian company has announced that it plans to hold an event in India, where it is one of the strongest brands in the phone market (among others). And the chosen day, 17 December 2022. So, right now. Curiously, we’re talking about a Saturday that isn’t ideal to keep everyone busy as it’s the weekend, but Xiaomi did the same on a Sunday… so it’s possible that it’s becoming a habit now. The fact is that even the time is known: 7:30 in the morning in Spain. Nothing.

What is OnePlus expected to announce?

Considering that everything indicates that OnePlus 11 Ready to be officially announced, the usual thing is that if we talk about the team, then this brand becomes a reality to the delight of its followers (which is no less, it must be said). So, according to known leakers, we are talking about an important day for the manufacturer, which will change the way it has recently – and most of its competitors – behaved: it will simply offer a single modelNo Pro or Ultra variant. And it really could be the perfect decision.

With the Android 13 operating system and the usual OxigenOS customization, which is one of the best currently available as it runs at a great speed, this model is expected to have some improvements that will be very important. An example of what we are saying is that your battery, which will be charged, 5,000mAh, will have a charging speed of at least 100W. It’s a qualitative leap that can accompany the inclusion of wireless technology – in this case 50W – in this segment.

Introducing the new OnePlus 11


Will it be the best high-end smartphone?

If not, it will be put on par with the Xiaomi 13, there is no doubt about it. Without going any further the processor will be the same because it will install a new one. Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 It is the latest generation of Qualcomm branded SoC. this data store It may even be superior to the previously mentioned model because it refers to a single variable. 16 GB (DDR5X type). This could undoubtedly be a reason to buy for some (no news about storage, but it cannot be ruled out that it could reach 1TB).

Another thing that cannot be doubted about this OnePlus is that the quality of the photos will be very good with a range of sensors such as: 50 + 48 + 32 megapixels. It will also have Hasselblad collaboration to optimize results with photos and videos. Here is probably a small step behind the Xiaomi 13 Pro, with the help of Leica.

With no news about the price at the moment, another thing that seems clear is that the OnePlus 11 will have a 6.7 inch LTPO AMOLED display With 120Hz and QHD+ resolution, it heralds an undoubted quality.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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