messaging app Telegram A new version is available, especially 9.0, and it contains the most striking options. There’s even a significant leap forward in the Android version as it takes advantage of new functionality that Google has incorporated into its development process. We show you the most important thing that WhatsApp’s big competitor has released—which it clearly surpasses in many sections.

By the way, among the options that are new to Telegram, emojis have a huge weight, but there are other things that are interesting because they show that the progress of this application is stable.

Telegram’s most important news

To begin with, it should be said that there are Android-specific developments, at least for the time being. An example of what we are saying is that this is now possible. prioritize downloads on the client of this operating system. For this there is a tab with this name where you can reorder the position in the list, so the process starts in the order you installed it. To do this, simply hold down the – key. Then drag to reorder. Simpler is impossible.

New Telegram icon for Android


Apart from those mentioned above, the new possibilities of the Google operating system have also been used to show animations that are more fluid in the application. And even if you’re one of those with Android 13, a theme icon This allows you to combine it with the theme you use on the device (for example, between light and dark).

Emojis have many innovations

First of all, a long-awaited thing has come to the application. We’re talking about being able to choose between emojis that can be used for reactions (even now only those available in the Premium version are available to everyone). The fact is that the panel to choose the appropriate expandable, so you can choose from a practically infinite number of options. Meanwhile, those with paid accounts in the app will have more possibilities among personalized items and can use up to three per message.

New use of emojis in Telegram


Also, it is now possible to use it in the Premium version of Telegram. animated emoji next to the name which allows you to indicate how you are feeling and even what you are doing. Therefore, by accessing a large number of personalized options or with standard amenities (there are seven of them and they can even change their color), it is clear that you will give a different touch to what others see when they contact you.

Other important improvements

Except as noted, these are other improvements Reaching Telegram and quite important:

  • username links: The unique links each member of the app has now have a new format that allows their names to be displayed more clearly. It is as follows:
  • Improved login: The options are now much wider and more effective because you can get starter codes by mail or by associating them with options offered by Apple or Google to make everything easier. Even starting an iOS session is now faster and more intuitive because it’s very similar to Android.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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