The Russian company and models of goods manufacturers of electrical household and computer equipment (RATEK) prompted a proposal that mentions that new smartphones, including the iPhone 14, “are illegally circulating on the Russian market” if they have not received a number of documents.

In particular, we are talking about certificates, especially about a special notation on the characteristics of encryption (cryptographic) means and goods of the EAEU or the conclusion of the FSB Center for Ensuring, Certifying and Protecting State Secrets. A RATEK representative said that he did not know a single photo that received these documents for the sale of new iPhones.

In the Unified Register of Notifications of the EAEU, there is also no information on the issuance of documents on new iPhone models, RBC export.

M.Video said they plan to receive official documents:

We believe that even within the scope of the situation, goods enter our stores in compliance with all legal norms, paid trade, taxes and taxes,” he added. – All products entering the production are original, have permits and undergo mandatory customs procedures.

At the moment, Ozon and Yandex Market are already selling the iPhone 14. Other marketplaces and chain stores are starting to do so later in October. [РБК]

Source: Iphones RU

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