Seven Brazilian capitals could become more active from today (19) 5G signal in Brazil. With this, the list of capitals that already have the technology is even longer, guaranteeing a “pure connection” for more users in the country.

The cities are as follows:

  • Aracaju – Sergipe)
  • Boa Vista (Roraima)
  • Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul)
  • Cuiabá (Mato Grosso)
  • Maceio Alagoas)
  • Sao Luis Maranhao)
  • Teresina (Piaui).

The measure only applies to operators acquiring parts of the business. 3.5 GHz band spectrum for 5G. This is the mode with the strongest and most stable signal of the next generation mobile connection.

The northern region of the country still has five capitals without 5G: Porto Velho, Rio Branco, Macapá, Manaus and Belém. They should be considered until 27 November. According to the current program of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the interior of the country will have “pure” signal. by 2029 at the latest.

may not be immediately

Although the deadline is this Monday, operators Claro, Tim and Vivo will have until November 28 to initiate activation and have a minimum number of stations in these cities.

The previous deadline was October 28, but the postponement has been approved by the Monitoring Group for Implementing Solutions for Interference Problems in the 3,625 to 3,700 MHz band (Gaispi). This was due to the need to free up the band and ensure that there will be no interference in transmission – this was the spectrum previously occupied by satellite dishes for broadcasting TV broadcasts, technology that now requires the use of an adapter.

Source: Tec Mundo

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