Today, tattoos are more copular than ever. But the very art of decorating your bodies with drawings originated in ancient times. First, in Egypt, the khrashals had a tattoo that was cut from a black chest, worth 3,000 days. This became known after a thorough study of the preserved female mummies.

Modern research methods, in particular, have revealed the features of infrared areas with hieroglyphs and figures above animals in the lower back, a little more than the buttocks. It has not yet been possible to decipher the full meaning of the drawings, but the costume has a suggestion that they could be. It is in this place that pain occurs during gestation and menstruation.


Comparing the image with the mythology of that time, studies tend to believe that the gods Horus and Bes are present on them, granting healing, well-being, protection and patronizing matter.

However, one of the most beautiful tattoo artists in the world and also the tattoo artist was very handsome and had a good time. Sometimes they were a kind of distinction, revealed by involvement in nature – for example, they were the prerogative of ak. According to another version, tattoos were a marker of adherence to a cult of some kind. goddesses.

Source: Tech Cult

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