It has been possible for some time to use a subsystem. Windows 11 that allow you to run applications Android. This was a very important step for Microsoft and opened the door to significantly expand the operating system options. An announcement from the Redmond company therefore clearly showed some of the many things that could be done.

Microsoft itself was responsible for announcing this in a very short time. shopping centre You can find applications specific to the Google operating system from Windows applications. In this way, they can be downloaded very easily, which is an extremely important step for the integration that users desire to become a complete reality. And this has been achieved with the full integration of the system. Amazon App Store in Windows 11.

Spain is in the first group of countries with this possibility.

As it is known, in just a few weeks, the Amazon application store will be integrated into computers with Microsoft development. And, the number countries to receive initially 31. These include the USA; Canada; Germany; Italy; United Kingdom; And luckily there is Spain.

Windows 11 Store with Android apps


When the relevant update is deployed, which does not require having the latest Windows 11 update, direct access will be possible from the repository of this operating system. More than 20,000 Android apps. Among them there will be no lack of games, multimedia options and, of course, productivity. An example of what can be used is practically all social networks, as well as office automation tools.

Ease of downloading from Windows 11

This is something described in the Microsoft description, and the truth is, everything is really intuitive. One time shopping centre one from windows 11 divided There will be Android apps. If you want, you can also calls You will be able to see the results where these applications are indicated by the corresponding ID, so you will know exactly that the Windows subsystem is one of the must-runs.

Since we’re talking about in-house development that enables Android apps to run on Windows 11 devices, it’s also worth mentioning recently. very advanced in the management of everything related to multimedia (both sound and especially graphics management). And it is important to note that. the resources consumed by the system are not very hightherefore, there is no noticeable drop in performance when running this type of application.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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