disinformation this is one of the most serious problems of the current generation. With so many hoaxes circulating on social media, their scope and the impact they can have on people’s ideology never ceases to amaze me. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested The Incredible Fear Machineis a PC game developed by Fictiorama Studios in Madrid.

The Incredible Fear Machine is strategy game story where we use myths and conspiracy theories to instill fear in the population. With the help of a machine similar to those that read the future, the player will have to use their cunning to shift society and deliver a message. If you want power, money or fame, the machine will help you get it, although first you have to give up the truth.

On practice, The Incredible Fear Machine This is a kind of digital board game in which we have to conquer regions with the help of maps and other interesting mechanics. Each of the three stories has a specific goal: shape the opinion of people so that they accept your message. To do this, you will need cards containing hoaxes, myths, legends and more, which you must distribute in each territory in order to create fear and rape its inhabitants.

In each game, the player starts with a set number of messages to send, which must be organized by region. Each territory has a weakness to certain urban legends, so you must explore it with secret agents before placing your cards. Once the seed of fear is sown, terror will spread throughout the map and It will depend on your cunning and ability to manage resources to achieve this in the shortest possible time..

Good strategy requires planning

The Incredible Fear Machine It’s a strategy game and that’s why requires your attention with every move. The player must not only pay attention to where the cards are located, but also generate resources to increase their level and sow fear. Upgrading each map requires a certain amount of essences, which you get with the help of your agents in the discovered places of the city.

What I find remarkable about each letter is that it can be reinforced with keywords related to the hoax. Each time you level up, you have a word bank to choose from, and if you choose the right one, the power of the card will increase. For example, selecting “trunk” or “parking” on the Express Theft card will increase the effect.

To sow fear It is extremely important to pump maps and be aware of what is happening on the map. Sometimes there will be events that reduce the effectiveness of your message, or AI-controlled opponents looking for the same thing as you and placing their cards. To deal with these situations, you will have to send your secret agents who will investigate and sabotage any attempt to prevent you from seizing control of the population.

Visual style and storytelling strengths

The Incredible Fear Machine

The Incredible Fear Machine use style pulp comic and horror magazines of the early 20th century. The design of the cards is as absurd as it is sophisticated, and the card and menu and dialog typography match the visual concept. The story is told in the form of bullets that are unlocked as you progress through the chapters.

set includes three stories divided into several chapters. In the previous version that we tested, only the first two were activated, as well as a tutorial, which is necessary if you want to understand the game mechanics. In favor of what text translated into spanishso after a few minutes it will not be difficult for you to get used to it.

Fairy car turned me into a manipulator with no feelings

I have to admit my first two hours were confusing. Although The Incredible Fear Machine Seems like a simple game, the amount of information and combinations can overwhelm some. Sometimes I repeated chapters more than twice due to not choosing the right word or making a move that allowed my opponent to capture the card.

Once you master the turns and time management on the map, the game becomes very interesting. The study made great job on the story and it will make you smile more than once.

The Incredible Fear Machine He managed to turn me into a damn insensitive person. After eight hours of playing, I had no problem experimenting on animals or selling addictive antidepressants to people. For the first time, I was happy to spread the myth that video games are bad, and I used every opportunity to blackmail everyone.

The Incredible Fear Machine Available on PC (Steam) October 4, 2023.

Source: Hiper Textual

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