For Su-57 at the Pole

Sergei Chemezov, who is the head of Rostec, arrived at the aircraft plant, which was delayed in the Far East of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where the process of increasing the production of domestic Su-57 fighters, which followed the fifth generation, was launched.

As reported, advanced technologies and methods are being actively introduced at the enterprise, additional facilities are being built, equipment is being purchased, thanks to a new line of in-line type installed in the factory assembly shops, aircraft are assembled 30% faster.

Sergei Chemezov during a visit to KnAAZSergei Chemezov during a visit to KnAAZ

An advanced refrigeration complex has already been put into operation, in which a special coating was installed on the aircraft, namely, for testing the Su-57, stands and panels in the amount of about 300 units were specially developed.

In addition, the development of a project has been completed, within the framework of which the elements of the aircraft factory will be supplemented with expanded functionality, due to which the technological operations will be more accurate and the time for their execution will be noticeably reduced.

Su-57 on the assembly stageSu-57 on the assembly stage

It should be noted that in terms of the production of the Su-57 at the Komsomol aircraft plant, there are big plans – the construction of a boathouse, which will work out the electronic on-board equipment of the fighter, a fuel box, a new production building, as well as the reconstruction and modernization of capacities for mechanisms and heat treatment.

Source: Tech Cult

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