In the domestic search engine “Yandex” today is a round date – 25 years ago, namely on September 23, as part of an exhibition called Softool, held in Moscow, the Yandex search engine was presented. On the same day, the currently well-known domain name was discovered.

While the service was called Yandex-Web, it could develop the ranking of documents, in its work it chose Russian morphology, as well as the spaces between phrases.

It should be noted here that Yandex did not become the first search engine in the world, since Rambler was launched earlier, and the American AltaVista service was launched before it. In addition, the search in the expanses of Runet was previously “Aport”.

This was Yandex in 1997This was Yandex in 1997

However, Yandex had a great advantage over its competitors – as we used above, the search engine taught Russian language morphology in its work, based on this algorithm in the grammar dictionary of the Russian language, which was read by A. Zaliznyak.

What is curious, its name “Yandex” poured on the so-obsessedzbogogo association Search and from which the word-bold poured. Als “Jaindex”.

Source: Tech Cult

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