company as known tesla is working on and making available a new update for some of its electric cars. The reason for this is not to offer improvements to the functionality offered by the operating system, but to fix a detected error in the operation of windows that could be potentially dangerous to users. We tell you what happened.

The fault has been identified and is known in a document from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). What happens is that several models from the manufacturer do not use windows, because when closing them, excessive force is applied, which can sometimes harm users. So it needs to be fixed and the update in question has been released for it.

A problem that is not particularly serious at the moment

We say this because at Tesla right now they have no knowledge of injury issues or the like by the force applied when the windows are lifted. In other words, failure is one of those things that needs to be resolved, but it is not easy for anyone to get hurt because of it. But still the curious thing is that the system obstacle detection That the North American company’s cars didn’t start up before the glass created a greater-than-desirable force.

White Tesla electric car


Are many Tesla cars affected?

The firm, led by Elon Musk, stated that the number of affected vehicles is certain. 1,096,762 units, which is not bad at all. Affected models are: Model 3 (2017 – 2022), Model Y (2021 and 2022); Model S and Model X (2021 and 2022). Ideally, as not all sold have commented on the bug, and most appear to be from the US for now, first of all wait for Tesla’s notification that will be sent to owners on November 15.

The fact is that everything was detected in a timely manner, and Tesla’s response was quick, so this non-critical – far from it – problem will be resolved quickly, and in this case, no one will have to pull a pinch. using the company’s sale of electric cars. By the way, the update will be done automatically. wirelessso you won’t have to do anything different than other times when upgrading the firmware.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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