Smartphones and tablets have long been turned into portable game consoles, specially connected to a gamepad or pad for easy control.

However, a comfortable game on the iPhone can be interfered with by the incoming touch screen, the network activity of the iPhone, or the sensitive overheating of the gadget.

We are currently unable to properly set up and use iPhone for gaming. The gadget will be better regulated by applications and maintain a stable network connection.

1. Charge your iPhone and don’t play with the charger plugged in

The required offline games and almost all games on the network lead to a strong heating of the smartphone. If this is combined with the heating of the battery during charging, it is possible to raise the temperature of the gadget too high.

This will adversely affect the iPhone battery. Work at high temperatures, to faster degradation of the battery, do not be surprised when less than 90% of manifestations appear after six months.

It is best to charge your smartphone before pre-game sessions, and when the gadget asks for charging, take a break from the game and connect the iPhone to the power adapter.

What needs to be configured: at this recommended standard charge. The option is on the way Settings – Battery – Battery Status. So the battery will always be ready for the load and charged up to 100%.

2. Reduce the screen brightness to a comfortable level.

Often you want to play on a smartphone with a screen brightness, but this will most likely not last long. The gadget will then automatically limit the view to avoid solar radiation.

You can extend the operating time with a comfortable backlight brightness by turning off automatic adjustment and lowering the backlight setting.

What needs to be configured: appearance in settings – accessibility – display and text size and turn off appearance auto brightness. Then manually change the color to 50-60% through Control point.

3. Free up storage space

iOS mobile communication system is always required 10-15% free on the accumulative place for normal operation. This is especially true for gadgets with a memory capacity of up to 64 GB.

The game itself in the process may request additional content, levels or data necessary for work and take up the maximum free disk space.

To the point: How to clear space on iPhone. We collected the best tasks

For large gaming requirements recommendations for a minimum of cleaning 2-4 GB smartphone disk space already has 15% of the total.

What needs to be configured: probability along the way Settings – General – iPhone Storage and track the available space on your smartphone there.

4. Disable autoload data in the system

A comfortable online game may be hindered by the background download of data, an update or the installation of an application. Active gamers are better off using all the necessary updates between gaming sessions.

If necessary, a background update will consume both smartphone resources and traffic consumption.

What needs to be configured: disable options Automatic download of Applications and software (Settings – App Store) and Download iOS updates (Settings – General – Software update – Auto update).

5. Ensure the best network connection

The iPhone has long been able to compensate for delays in the operation of a wireless connection using mobile Internet. This will save you from disconnects during online games.

In addition, you should enable traffic saving. This way you minimize other background processing, which will allow you to get the maximum ping.

What needs to be configured: activate observable Save data for WiFi (Settings – WiFi), Save data for LTE and WiFi Help (Settings – Cellular).

6. Customize focus mode for gaming

In addition, the recommended special game modes are listed above. You can do this using the Focus settings block.

This will most likely be included in the game, calls and messages during games. You can increase the inclusion of the profile during the launch of the games you need.

What needs to be configured: ease Settings – Focus – Video Gamesin sections People and Notifications programs and users that can break through focus mode. Other amenities will be silenced.

Below you can configure the launch of a profile connected to a wireless controller at a time or when certain games are launched.

So you can play with maximum comfort on your smartphone or tablet.

PS If enable Power saving mode by the address Settings -> Battery or curtains through Control pointyou will reduce the peak performance of the iPhone processor, but at the same time turn down the heat. In some games, this can even help with performance, since the threshold for severe throttling of the video chip (slowing down radiation protection from overheating) comes later.

Source: Iphones RU

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