The Moscow Stock Exchange ruble index at this time fell by 9.52%, to 2005 points at the start of trading on September 21 at 10:04 Moscow time, relative to the previous trading day, according to the data of the trading platform.

Moscow currency index fell 9.5% amid reports of partial mobilization

  • At 10:14 Moscow time, the index began to grow, added a few percent, after which the drop was only 5.06% and 2103 points.
  • The RTS dollar index lost 11.6% at this time at 10:03 and fell to the level of 1019 points.
  • The dollar exchange rate on the Moscow Stock Exchange exceeded 62 rubles for the first time since August 1, the euro exchange rate exceeded 61 rubles for the first time since September 13.

On September 20 there was also a powerful collapse of shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange. The index of the trading floor in the fall exceeded 2200 points, at least in a month. This happened due to increased geopolitical risks in the news about the planned referendums on the accession of the DPR, LPR and the Kherson region to Russia.

On September 20, the LPR, DPR and the Kherson region approved holding referendums to join Russia. They will take place from September 23 to 27, 2022.

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization.

Russia recognized the independence of the LPR and DPR in February 2022.


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Source: RB

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