An example of installing a new DZ on a BMP-3

The Kalashnikov Concern published a video showing tests of a promising dynamic protection system with the 4S24 block marking, designed to equip the BMP-3 – as you can see in the video, a sample of the BMP side is fired from an RPG-7.

As specified, tests of coverage of a cumulative shot of the PG-7VS type, capable of penetrating armored steel with a thickness of more than 400 mm, the DZ container was installed with a directional gap from the installed layout.

Testing a new remote sensingTesting a new remote sensing

During the tests, it was found that the armor plate protected by the 4S24 containers was not pierced – the DZ block worked quite effectively, completely destroying the directed cumulative jet, and only a few marks with a depth of up to 5 mm were found on the armor itself.

For the first time, details about the DZ 4S24 containers in Kalashnikov were told at the beginning of this month, stating that with a decrease in the explosive content, the new blocks in almost all main parameters exceed the characteristics of generation blocks by several times.

Source: Tech Cult

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