The new Roomba Combo j7+ sweeps and brushes carpets respectfully at all times

Robot vacuum cleaners have evolved a lot since their release. Gone are the high-end models that work by detecting what’s in front of them to avoid crashes and applying suction to remove dirt. Now, they are much more capable and one example is that they can even map the house. Well, just introduced Roomba Combo j7+It includes options that make it different.

One of the things that stands out about this model is that it was one of the first to include it. company’s new operating system (fifth version). This allows actions to be performed faster and more reliably (and perhaps more importantly: highly complex). In addition, improvements have been added that significantly improve the use of this Roomba model with voice assistants.

Vacuum and mop all in one in this Roomba

This is something that the most advanced models of robot vacuums have offered for a long time. However, when it comes to the device we’re talking about, it goes a step further and shows what this manufacturer has to offer. One in the team retractable system it looks like a tray that goes up when detecting both carpets and rugs. Therefore, when the sweeping process is finished and the floor is brushed with the mop, the mop is removed so that nothing gets wet when these elements arrive. Clever and useful.

Roomba Combo j7+ retractable system


It’s something that’s been in demand for a long time and that other companies have blocked. But this Roomba option is one of the most effective because100% sure nothing gets wet -and therefore, the entire surface is swept and only the relevant part of the floor is brushed-. And by the way, all this is achieved with a very striking design and without increasing the dimensions of the device.

More options offered by this equipment

One of the important features of this model is that it has a battery with an excellent charge, as we are talking about. 4,400mAh. This allows it to run several hundred square feet of houses without having to go back to base other than emptying its tank (this is done automatically). automaticbecause in this place there is a place to store dirt, which, according to the manufacturer, practically lasts for several months without having to replace it).

Bottom of Roomba Combo j7+


The exact suction power of the Roomba Combo j7+ is unknown, but this is more than enough for any problems with any dirt or even hair. Pets. In addition, thanks to the optimized sensors included with the new operating system, the device detecting more objects this is your way. An example is when you know if you have shoelaces; towels: slippers; and even backpacks.

Availability and price of this new robot vacuum cleaner

The company has confirmed that this Roomba model will be available in Spain from that day forward. October 4and can be purchased with or without a download base. In the first case, you have to pay 799 euros, while if you want to buy the accessory at the same time, you need to go up to 999 euros.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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