There are many map apps, but not many aimed at helping navigators. seashore According to the company’s CEO, Jose Manuel Arnaiz, to solve this and also with a very ambitious goal: “to become Google Maps of the seas”. And the truth is, there’s no shortage of tools for that.

With the use of augmented reality, it is aimed to provide the opportunity for those who wander near the shore to know what is in the place they visit, may or may not be visible to the naked eye. And that’s a huge help both to avoid any mishaps in the water and to enjoy all that the area has to offer once we set foot on land.

ShareView Application Usage Options


A complete and effective platform, this SeaCoast

The service offered by the company consists of three perfectly differentiated pillars, each with its ultimate purpose. full service maximizing assistance and exponentially reducing problems in coastal navigation:

  • ShareView: The combination of augmented reality and maps is key across the platform, as it is a solution that includes a virtual assistant to help navigate. It can solve all your doubts about the boat in one glance in the app, also you can find the jellyfish, mooring, divers, etc. Since it offers warnings, you can avoid all kinds of difficulties. in real time.
  • Harbor View: Powered by Ports 4.0, it allows you to manage everything related to the process of mooring ships using augmented reality and voice assistance.
  • Paper Boat: help you book your anchor at the port in real time from anywhere in the world.
Beach Suite


$COAST tokens, big difference

It is desired that SeaCoast users specifically obtain the information they acquire while browsing the site and promote them together with them. This way, tokens are obtained if shared. georeferenced items which can be used later

thanks to $ tokensBEACH It also tries to ensure loyalty in the use of the service. As more information about coastal areas is shared on the platform, users will accumulate and level up – there are three, crew members, sailors or captains – which will grant different permissions. awards priority access to marinas or buoys, discounts on venues, event invitations, etc. Thematic channels will also be created from SeaCoast where NFTs can be received to further personalize the user profile.

Access and access to information

scheduled to be released later 17 October. With a website with a huge amount of information already and a Telegram channel open to all users currently promoting a Paddle Surf raffle, SeaCoast has all the ballots that will revolutionize coastal navigation for everyone. .

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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