Released in August of last year, Android 13 has seen significant growth in market share: new figures announced by Google in Android Studio on Thursday (13) It jumped from 5% in January 2023 to 12.1% this month. Still, according to the latest statistics released by Android 11R, Android 11R continues to lead with a 23.5% share. 9to5Google.

This information was updated monthly by the Mountain View giant in the past, but it’s been a long time since the company stopped providing it on a regular basis. The data is of particular interest to developers, as well as showing how many active Android devices have downloaded the latest versions.

Android Studio shows the percentage of devices running a particular version of Google’s operating system, making it a reference for anyone who needs to know. what is the minimum version for an app. Thus, it is possible to know how many potential users, if any, are “lagged behind”.

What does Android 13 growth mean?

It’s not news to anyone that Android 12 isn’t out. A year after its official launch in October 2021, only 13.3% of users had downloaded the update. Then, Android 13’s reaction in 2023 may indicate that the version is preparing to surpass the previous onecan be proven in the next information release.

Helping this sudden and rapid adoption of Android 13 was Samsung, which has a huge market share and releases frequent updates for its devices, from flagships to more affordable tablets and smartphones.

Logically, the growth of Android 13 implies that its older “siblings” are experiencing a setback in the market. However, what is surprising is that As of September 2020, Android 11 remains robust with a share of 23.5%.

Source: Tec Mundo

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