Autumn is not a reason to end walks in nature. AliExpress collects products that will be useful to mushroom pickers and fans of trekking, lovers of walking or running over rough terrain.

We chose only what is really useful. And surprises in the form of the most relevant discounts were hidden in our Telegram channel. Hurry before it’s all gone!

1. GMG protective gloves


High-strength gloves with shock-absorbing pads are a must have for everyone. They are good in installation work, and in construction, and during hard times in the forest.

This model does not affect only cuts and pricks, but dampens vibration from electric or pneumatic tools well.

Price: 1032 774 rub.

2. Naturehike self-inflating mat


A compact mattress with a multi-layer structure that literally does not let the cold from the ground through, perfectly replaces the usual foam.

In addition, there are oversized options in the range that can be used for a sleeping bag mattress in cold weather.

Price: 1476 738 rub.

3. Universal flashlight Pocketman


One of the best budget flashlights on the market. It is difficult to find a more universal one: If you want, support in the mall – to metal fires on a magnetic base.

Dimmable para-LEDs realize spot and diffuse lighting, and a swivel “head” allows you to precisely direct the light flux.

Price: 1310 668 rub.

4. Aimoda AirPods Shockproof Case


One of the most popular “protected” cases for Apple headphones and their relative clones.

And for good reason: with it, the popular case easily withstands falls, bumps, and simply careless handling. One and a half incoming orders are confirmed by quality.

Price: 356 249 rub.

5. A-Hai Microfiber Towel


Such a light towel is always used: microfiber formation is absorbed and dries just as quickly. In addition, half the space is occupied than usual.

Price: 159 92 rub.

6. Multifunctional shovel Rddspon


Such a “multi-tool” will come in handy both on a hike, and on a hunt, and in a garden, replacing the usual tools.

In the composition: a universal shovel (it is also a saw, a knife, an opener and a wrench), a knife, a compass, a punch and 3 links to increase the shaft.

Price: 2596 1376 rub.

7. Xily Camping Cookware Set


A good individual set (multi-layer glass, plate, cutlery) for camping utensils for cooking on a fire.

The main set (clothing compatible) made of steel can be purchased in the same clothes.

Price: 4266 from 2133 rub.

8. Miniwell outdoor water filter


A copy of the famous water filter. Copes even with small impurities, consumes clean river water in food.

Important: in the absence of information about the bacterial purity of the source, the filter does not replace boiling!

Price: 1351 rub.

9. KingHui Portable Grill


Convenient set for the organization of a brazier in marching conditions. It does not take up any space at all, it can withstand up to 2 kilograms of load.

And, of course, it is perfectly cleared thanks to the opportunity to be realized.

Price: 1354 988 rub.

10. LangShan Tactical Backpack


Large and popular backpack for long hikes. It will fit everything: inside the mass of compartments for all occasions, there is a well-thought-out fastening system.

The main advantage is a comfortable fit with all the necessary supports. There are other models in the most unexpected formats.

Price: 1909 1522 rub.

11. Kerrydream Waterproof Socks


The original two-layer socks that do not let the outside in and out.

An indispensable thing for trekking fans: legs are always thin, even when walking through a stream.

Price: 2364 992 rub.

12. Jovi Multitool Spoon


there is only a real Swiss knife is redundant or inconvenient. Therefore, it is worth highlighting a separate multi-tool, in which there is a spoon, knife and fork – such unusual tastes of food.

And it costs a penny, so everyone can throw in a backpack.

Price: 374 from 176 rubles

13. Armored PhoneCase for iPhone


Almost 7 thousand orders and thousands of positive reviews for a fairly simple case from AliExpress is quite rare than usual.

Nevertheless, this result is not surprising for this model: not only the body but also the camera are well visible from drops, bumps and scratches. It also comes with a good protective glass.

Price: 278 222 rub.

14. RAX Trekking Shoes


Comfortable autumn shoes made of genuine leather with moisture-resistant impregnation and a very comfortable fit.

The well-thought-out height of the beret and the orthopedic sole with an absorbent insole should not be discounted either. For the current price – just a holiday!

Price: 5978 3587 rub.

15. Compact radio station Retevis


A compact walkie-talkie is indispensable for long walks in the forest, especially for mushroom pickers, who now and then unite in Russian forests.

This model works up to 14 hours in active mode, can give an SOS signal and supports most of the pulmonary ranges in Russia. We must take.

Price: 3920 2743 rub.

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Source: Iphones RU

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