A good man, at my request, brought from Dubai still brand new Apple Watch Series 8, gold color.

I gave the watch to my wife. I myself continue to use Series 7. I didn’t order such ones for myself, foreign essence.

essence I’ll explain now.

What is the Apple Watch Series 8?

Gold itself is perceived differently depending on the intensity of the light. On the street they are just golden, almost copper.

It’s like Apple Watch Series 7, but plus two new features.

What not changed: battery (16-30 hours of operation), processor power, memory (32 GB), dial size (41 and 45 mm), screen resolution, display bezel thickness, drop probability and water detection (IP6X), maximum diving depth (50 m) . ), design.

Seriously, it’s practically the same clock as a year ago. Here, read my review of the Series 7, and find out 99% of everything that is gaining and what will please the Series 8.

The standard bundled sports strap is gray rather than beige. Just like that, the camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max saw it.

What’s new in Apple Watch Series 8?

We get a magnifying glass.

1. Temperature sensor.

Temperature sensor used in watchOS 9 and apps Healthto promptly notify people with a menstrual cycle about the onset of ovulation. Then I quote my wife: “I already know when it comes.” For the rest of the feature too limited useful, more on that below.

Let me tell you the most important thing: you can’t take the temperature yourself at a public moment. Perhaps later there will be applications that create a measurement of body temperature through this sensor for anyone. To date, this functionality is not provided at all.

When you sleep, Series 8 record your body temperature on the app Health usually five seconds. If your body temperature during the night has deviated sharply from the standard or inherent to you, the watch and application Health will warn you in the morning.

The watch is really beautiful. Not mine, I don’t like gold, but they should look great on detection. Newbies will appreciate it too.

The wife is surprised that the body temperature is measured only at night and only when tracking the sleep phases is turned on. If you do not wear your watch at night, the body temperature values ​​​​in the application Health it just won’t.

Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but it’s hard for me to find the words to describe bewilderment around this feature. Apple reported a possible sensitivity of measurements within 0.001 degrees Celsius. But using this free-form measurement does not allow and imposes so many restrictions that you are doing something undocumented and random.

I hope all these spatial restrictions are just a temporary moment. But we were not given any guarantees that something will happen in the future. Draw your own conclusions.

This is a model with a 41mm dial.

2. Determinant of car accidents.

It is also built into all iPhone 14 models. For its sake, Series 8 has a three-axis gyroscope (more precisely, the previous one) and an overload sensor. In the event of a car accident, the clock call the emergency services and notify the attending physician and relatives added to the Emergency contacts in the settings.

The idea is great and correct. Bloggers have already protested it and made sure that the feature works as expected.

Personally, I have not checked.

Series 8 includes a USB-C cable to a magnetic charging puck, a watch, and a wristband of your choice.

3. They are not sold in Russia.

Sorry. I just couldn’t find any other difference. Because their No.

Apple very much muddied the water around the watch at the presentation and the official website. After watching it and looking at the resources, it is possible that there are much more innovations in the 8th series. In fact, 95% of them are legacy watches, i.e. Series 7 (and older!) and are simply part of the general software update – watchOS 9.0.

Personally, this “sleight of hand” did not go very well for me. I evaluate this trend more negatively than insignificant indicators of the dynamics of the production of proprietary processors, which have been so popular in Cupertino in recent years. Graphs at least remotely give some picture. And then everything was mixed up. And sit and guess what is really new from this, and what just appeared on your generation of watches.

Unlike the “silver” steel ones, not any “bow” is suitable for the Apple Watch metal. I wouldn’t be able to wear these.

Watch faces in watchOS 9 are cool, and now there are a lot of them. Series 8 required dials were not given.

Who should buy the Series 8? If a…

You have Series 7: not worth it.

You have an Apple Watch SE: if you like watches and want these watches to be in everything Better, then update. The always closed screen is worth it, as is its larger size. If the clock did not enter you as a device, then most likely there is no point.

You have Series 6: the screen will be larger, the battery life will be better, the charging time will be faster (by 25%). But a year old can be detected, the formation of the processor in terms of power is the same for you as for the newest ones.

Series 8 lettering is the only visible difference between the new generation and Series 7.

On top are my Series 7s in the awesome Starlight color.

You have Series 5: buy a Series 7 or Series 8 when you need to wear a discharged watch. Battery life on models with Series 6 and above is unmatched by the best of Series 5.

You have Series 4: it’s time to evaluate, in general, everything both in terms of specifications and functionality.

You have Series 3: sorry.

😱 You have Series 0-2: Have you checked your closet for a long time, where are they? By the way, it’s better to check as soon as possible, otherwise the battery may swell and the screen will fall off (I’m not kidding). How to check, buy Series 7 or Series 8.

PS Gold steel Apple Watch should be bought immediately with the same Milanese loop bracelet. It’s kind of sad without him. You can replace it with a sports strap in dark green, dark purple or black. But definitely not light, like mine. Usually men are exposed to ordinary, “silver” steel. Classic.

The review will be in a month, as we check the main innovation of the Series 8.

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