Sometimes a message is sent excitement (or when a post is seen) it is so interesting that you want to share it on other social networks so that the effect is much greater. do this LinkedIn It wasn’t particularly easy or as easy as it should have been, but things have changed and we’ll explain how to do that in a few seconds.

A new function has been introduced from Twitter that aims to achieve exactly this. fastest and most effective way possible. And it must be said that they succeeded, because now the process is very convenient and you will have no problem taking advantage of sharing feeds from all the operating systems available for mobile devices (we are always talking about the social networking application. Elon Musk has been close to buying recently, and therefore, the lawsuits will stretch over time. there is).

Steps to share content from Twitter to LinkedIn

If you have a profile on the most professional social network in existence, we are talking about LinkedIn, you will certainly find in some cases your own or third-party content that you want to post on Twitter. minimal effort possible. Here are the steps you need to take to take advantage of the new functionality available to achieve this:

  • Log in to Twitter as usual and, if necessary, identify yourself with your credentials to make sure you’re taking action with your account.
  • Find the content you want to share. It can be from your account or from another user’s account. The important thing is to find what interests you.
  • Now, look at the bottom for the share icon in the right area as usual in the Twitter app.
  • Several icons will appear representing applications where it is possible to send messages, and one of them should be LinkedIn (if not, you will need to update the Twitter application as you do not have the latest version).
  • It’s also possible that the aforementioned icon won’t appear due to lack of space, if so, what you need to do is use the More option and then it will appear like magic.
  • Now select share post and voila, you’re done.
Send a message on Twitter from your mobile phone


To check that everything is going as it should, go to your LinkedIn profile and then you will see that the post from Twitter is in your account. to feed. By the way, you have additional possibilities when it comes to sharing like adding it or sharing it as if it is a private message. Therefore, the included options are numerous and useful.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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