If there’s anything you know Google so, if the situation comes up, doesn’t his hand tremble? close A service that does not see a good future. And that’s what it looks like stadium, your cloud-based gaming service. The firm has announced its definitive closure, which confirms the recently published rumors.

There was unclear information about this, as many claimed that trust in Google for Stadia no longer exists. And others have seen signs of small movements (like changes in resolution) that things go on in Mountain View as if nothing had happened. But in the end, the winners are the right ones. So, the North American firm announced the shutdown of its service and gave a specific date when it would never be available again: January 18, 2023. I mean, just around the corner.

the truth is they were three years the company’s commitment to cloud gaming is in effect… perhaps insufficient to know if it’s up to maintenance. But for Google, it didn’t have a viable future, more than enough to control the way this service was released. It’s a pity, everything must be said.

Reasons that prompted Google to take this step

Well, something as simple as Stadia did not have the necessary effect We are talking about user support in the form of subscription and to make it sustainable. In this way, the company stated that the service “did not get the attention we expected among users.” Therefore, given the poor market share, despite the effort it was eventually decided to run the games on remote servers.

Stadia logo with game controller next to it


In addition, the competition is growing and getting more aggressive and if you don’t have a follower base, not worth the effort both to support technological developments and to offer costly games – which was almost certain to be irreversible in Google accounts. Therefore, it was best to kill Stadia and switch to something else. Of course, with the thought of always maintaining its commitment to the entertainment segment. As a result, it is possible that new ideas will be seen by the North American firm… But this will of course be seen.

Things to know about Stadia’s farewell

The first thing is that the company has a pay back of all purchases equipment Purchased to use Stadia (such as controllers or bundles with a Google TV player), as long as the purchase is made in the Google Store. In addition, for expenses software, for example internal or additional purchases will also be refunded. Of course, the same won’t be with the cost of subscriptions as they were enjoyed back then.

Also, it’s important to know from Google that they make it clear. technology It will not be ignored that they own the application and learn while using it. In this way, it will become the basis for improving absolutely everything related. cloud services with the options offered by the company and also where augmented reality has to be used remotely. Therefore, something will always remain on Stadia’s Google.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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