Pfizer has announced it has acquired small startup ResApp for $116 million. The job has been done with the sole purpose of providing wordless access to the application that has been run through it with sed. The program, as its creators say, is a reliable tool for a reliable diagnostic tool – it can be used to detect a coronavirus in a person.

the app was designed to identify pneumonia. To do this, it uses cough sound analysis. In 2019, the god of functionality was expanded – it became possible to recognize asthma, krupib. When the world faced the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, I researched a lot of work on adapting programs to the needs of modern digital medicine. In the technique of the sovereign’s power over time, most likely, the pilot is in charge.

Conducted TESITI In this case, the agorythm has the potential for study. Pfizer launched “TORG” with a $65 million offer. However, the final amount was much higher. The advanced medical company includes the transfer of dangerous lung diseases available in countries where the level of medical care high.

Source: Tech Cult

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