Many people liked iOS 16. But if something went wrong, the ability to downgrade to the old firmware still exists.

Remember that during this procedure you lose all the innovations of the update, and the process itself takes a lot of time. If that doesn’t scare you, go ahead.

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The procedure has its own characteristics due to the placement of a number of popular applications in the App Store. You need to reinstall such programs manually after flashing.

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How to Downgrade iPhone Firmware from iOS 16 to iOS 15

1. Make a full backup of your iPhone data

Best of all, if you make a local backup on your computer, it will be relevant for checking the firmware version and will not be overwritten with copies.

For this, there is always enough space on the drive. The volume of accumulation will take up approximately the same amount of space as is occupied on the disk of the smartphone. You can view the used space on iPhone along the way Settings – General – iPhone Storageand on a Mac in the section  – About This Mac – Storage.

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To create a backup, be sure to connect your iPhone with a cable and open Finder (in macOS Catalina and later) or iTunes (in a newer version of the system). A smartphone and a device were seen there Create a backup to create a full backup.

2. Make an up-to-date cloud backup

If it is possible to make a full backup of the device no, create a cloud version in iCloud.

Unlike the original backup, here the record overwrites the friend. You cannot choose which version of the system you need for the future. However, from such a backup, almost all data is restored automatically.

To create such an opportunity Settings – Apple ID Account – iCloud – iCloud Backup and current backup.

Apple. It allows you to temporarily transfer all data from your smartphone, bypassing the paid storage limit.

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This copy will be kept up to 21 dayswhich will be enough for downgrade and data recovery.

3. Save the removed apps from the App Store on your computer.

If earlier this concerned only a few banking clients, now all added applications from VCtrucking and cloud client service.

For this, the iMazing utility is suitable. The program is available for macOS and Windows, the corresponding demo version will be enough for our needs.

▶ Install and run the program on your computer.

▶ show iPhone by connecting.

▶ Open Section Application Management – Device.

▶ Appearance of the desired program and select Create activated data apps from the context menu.

Each utility or game will be saved in the format *.imzingapp

If you don’t save apps that you’ve removed from the store in this way, you won’t be able to restore them for recovery. You will see the program icon on the desktop marked with clouds, but you will not be able to download the utility.

When can you start downgrading.

4. Appearance and download iOS 15.7 firmware for your iPhone

It is more difficult to do this now, because the Cupertino people have recently blocked some sites that distribute firmware and profiles for installing test versions.

SKAHAT iOS 15.7 for the desired smartphone, for example, here or here.

Older firmware versions are not suitable. They don’t visit Apple servers.

5. Reinstall iPhone firmware via computer

◈ Manifestation of smartphone to PC via cable.

◈ Turn off your Find iPhone along the way Settings – Apple ID account – Find My – Find My iPhone.

◈ Run Seeker (in macOS Catalina and later) or iTunes (in older versions of the system or on a Windows PC).

◈ Request to discover Option (alternative) on a Mac keyboard, or SHIFT on a Windows PC and click Restore iPhone….

◈ The downloaded iOS 15.7 firmware file is selected in the window that opens.

◈ Click the button Reestablish and wait for the process to finish.

6. Restore data from a backup

When iOS on the smartphone is restored, you will be prompted to download data from the presence or cloud download of the device.

In the first case, be sure to connect your smartphone to a computer, and later, connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Well, the last step. After restoring from a backup, you must regularly install applications that are kept in the program. iMazing in government number 3 of this instruction. Read more about recovery in this article.

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