The best smart speaker crashes and comes with a gift

Brutal sound and endless possibilities for your connected home.

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you want to live best sound in a smart speaker? The Apple HomePod is already history alongside the Mini model, and that’s because of the devastating success of Amazon’s Echo speakers in the 4th generation. I bring you today the best, Echo 4lowering the price 99.99 Giving 64.99 Euros and even a WiFi bulb Philips Hue.

The starting price of this speaker was the same as that of the HomePod Mini, 99 euros and today it is already a 35% discount including gift. You can get this offer in any of the available colors (white, blue or anthracite). And I recommend you do Before 11 and 12 OctoberCelebrating Amazon Prime Special Offers as they may run out of stock due to the high demand that will be on those days.

Echo 4 + Philips Hue Bulb

Buy the best speaker with Alexa at a great discount

echo 4

Echo 4 is the equivalent of the original HomePod and is 5x cheaper

This speaker is currently among the best with a virtual assistant and is waiting for the very soon expected 5th generation. You can use it as a bluetooth speaker to use, it is also a the connection between your smart home devices and your voice. The cheapest way to own a connected home 21st century home automation what is coming

it’s a speaker in round shapeCovered with durable mesh and button panel at the top, it looks like a handball. It measures 14.4 cm in diameter and 13.3 cm in height and has a flat rubber sole for added stability. Its weight is 970 grams. and must be connected to the current with a 30 W adapter. WiFi 5 dual-band connectivity and Bluetooth low latency so you can listen to music and videos from your mobile without any lag.

It was the best purchase I’ve made in years.

the sound is great, on top of other €200 speakers from companies specializing in high-end audio. we have inside 3-inch woofer and two 0.8-inch tweeters each of which succeeds in separating bass and treble, creating an undoubted richness of sound. One for both music and film standout option.

alexa is your friend In this new adventure, you will be responsible for searching all the content you need and enable skills with other devices smart House. I have several interconnected units to be able to do it. I have music all over my house. Similarly, I have a few devices integrated in the Amazon Alexa app like Xiaomi smart bulbs, an air purifier, a few robot vacuum cleaners, some smart plugs and an RGB LED strip that creates a great atmosphere after the TV.

Echo 4 + Philips Hue Bulb

Amazon is expected to introduce the 5th generation of this speaker very soon, with very few changes like the Echo Dot 5 recently. best purchase option If you need a good-sounding speaker connected to your entire home that you can easily manage your home automation for years.

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