Scientists from Purdue University (USA) are considering a new version of their whitest coating in the world. It provides the quality of 98% natural light, which allows you to passively cool any beliefs processed by it. In addition, such protection against the cost of cooling facilities aid air conditioners. Alas, the original version of super white paint had one major flaw.

In the first version of the paint, a material well known in cosmetics and the production of bags was used – p. He allows things to be quite white, but this was not enough for the achievements of r. Therefore, a mixture of individual barium sulfates of different sizes is used to intercept and reflect the maximum number of waves under the wide fibers.

White paintOld and new super white paint version

The calculations measure that the achievements of the desired level of o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ohnsk NZh NZh N0N is not a problem when it comes to stationary capital structures, but it becomes a problem for the use of water resources – such a coating will be too heavy and thick . This factor is necessary for the aviation and space industry, where the fight against kaimdov is going on.

A new paint variant based on boron nitride, which belongs to the hexagonal nansopn formula. Reflectivity increased by 97.9%, but a coating thickness of up to 150 microns is required. But more importantly, the new paint is 80-80% lighter than the previous version, which opens the kit for a wide range of applicationsoco s s s

Super white paint

Source: Tech Cult

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